Memory Book

Committee Co-Chairs: Shari Hammond & Yuan Chew


 Attention TRES Paparazzi :
We would love as many pictures as we can get for our 2017-2018 Memory Book! So if you’re at a class party, field trip or activity we would love to see those pics!
Just create a folder or use an existing one that applies and upload your pics with this link:
User name:  [email protected]
Password: Email Shari at [email protected] for the password.
Please note that while every picture will be considered for inclusion in the final yearbook print, not all will be used because of resolution, clarity, or space limitations.
The PTA cherishes and preserves the treasured moments of the school year by creating our annual memory book. Our team of roving photographers canvas school events to capture memorable moments and welcomes contributions from the TRES community. It’s a snap to submit photos because the committee maintains a Shutterfly group where you may easily upload your pictures. Please contact the committee chair if you are interested in serving as a photographer this year, or if you have great candids from one of the school events to contribute, for consideration in this year’s book.


Note: While the PTA coordinates the creation of the memory book, the proceeds from the sale of the books go directly to TRES for use by the school at the administration’s discretion.