HCPSS Emergency Text Messages

November 14, 2014 was registration day to receive emergency text messages related to

snow and other weather-related closings and delays, bus delays and event cancellations.

If you did not reply to the text message that you received form HCPSS, you will continue to receive emergency messaging via email, but you will not receive text messages. Other HCPSS News and regular communications from your designated schools will continue to be transmitted via email.
If you do not receive a text message indicating that you must sign up for emergency text messages, please let us know as follows:

  • Parents/Guardians:  Contact your child’s school to update your phone number in Aspen, the student data management system.
  • Employees/All other subscribers (anyone who is not a parent or guardian): Verify that your cell phone number is entered correctly and update your information here:

Once you update your phone number, you will receive the text message to opt into HCPSS Emergency Text Messages the following business day.
If you have any questions regarding HCPSS News, please email the HCPSS webmaster at [email protected].  You can expect to receive a response within the next 2 business days. Thank you for your patience and continued support as we upgrade this messaging system.

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